After years of working in corporate IT at various large consulting companies and a Fortune 100 conglomerate (more like Fortune 10) I decided to strike out on my own and turn what I loved doing in my spare time into a career.

I started a tech blog, The OS Quest, over 8 years ago. That was a chronicle of my non-corporate technical explorations. It didn’t focus on anything in particular, except what excited me at the time. It was also limited by the time I had available to write and post articles. Between experimenting, testing and writing there was a lot that just never got published.

The OSQuest Guides are my attempt to dive into the technology that interests me and spent time explaining how to use it. The first guide will be about Synology network attached storage (NAS) devices.

When I’m not digging into software and computers I collect fountain pens. While they may not seem to be technical wonders these days, they were the smart phones of their time. I write about my fountain pens at The Fountain Pen Quest.