*Wake on LAN* (WOL) is a technology that can remotely wake a computer that is sleeping. Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM) supports WOL on most models so you can start up your NAS without having to walk over and push a button. While it is possible to route WOL requests to other networks, they usually only work on the local network.

DSM supports WOL although it needs to be enabled which is done in the Hardware and Power section of Control Panel.

Enable WOL in Control Panel


If your NAS has multiple network connections then there will be a check box for each physical network port.

WOL is activated when a magic packet is sent to the NAS. When this packet is received the Synology NAS will start up. The easiest way to send this magic packet is to use Synology’s DSM Finder on your phone or tablet. First you need to set the NAS up as a favorite so it will be available to you even when powered off. If the NAS is powered off it will show as offline and you can then tap on it. You will be prompted to send the WOL request.

WOL prompt using iOS


If WOL is enabled the the NAS will power up.

Wake on LAN is also supported in the Synology Assistant for Mac and Windows. Like the mobile app, you must first set up WOL so that it always appears in the list, even when powered off. To set it up right-click the NAS in the list and select Set Up from the context menu.

WOL setup in Synology Assistant


There’s also software which can be used to activate WOL although this feature is usually built into other software. For example, the pfSense router software includes a WOL ability.

Generally speaking, the WOL magic packet has to be sent from a computer on the same network as the target since the packet is not routable. There are ways around this although it’s not generally available with hardware or software that’s not designed (and priced) for the enterprise. If you do plan on making WOL packets routable you’ll need to do further configuration to make sure it is done securely and not leave your network open to attack.

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