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Photo Station was absent from the flood of packages that received updates last week. It was Photo Station’s turn for an update today. Photo Station was updated to Version 6.3-2953 which included the following changes:

  1. Fixed a security issue to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  2. Fixed a security issue where HTTP connections might not be redirected correctly to HTTPS connections in Photo Station blog.
  3. Fixed an issue where unknown errors might occur in Photo Station blog when performing backup from the Settings page.
  4. Disabled autocomplete when entering account passwords.
  5. Fixed an issue which prevented JW Player from playing music in slideshows.
  6. Fixed an issue where errors might occur when deleting photos in the Timeline mode.
  7. Fixed an issue where videos might not be added into a smart album automatically.
  8. Minor bug fixes.

I applied the update to both my test NAS (a DS212+) and my production NAS (a DS1815+) without any issues. Both are running the latest DSM version.

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