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Along with a DSM update to begin the month of July Synology has updated six packages.

All the packages successfully installed on my DS212+ test NAS and passed initial testing, although I’ve yet to install any in a production environment.

CardDAV Server

Updated to Version 5.2.0-0028 with “Security enhancements” the only documented change.

DNS Server

Updated to Version 1.1-0075 with “Stability enhancements” and “Minor bug fixes” listed as the changes.

Download Station

Just a week after the previous update, Download Station has been updated to Version 3.5-2963. Fixes include:

  1. Fixed a security vulnerability (CVE-2015-2141).
  2. Fixed an issue where download tasks from Share-Online or might fail due to account verification errors.

Glacier Backup

Updated to version 1.1-0197 in order to fix a string display issue on the overview page.

Mail Server

Updated to version 1.5-0327 with the following changes:

  1. Fixed an issue where the mail content could not be correctly displayed.
  2. Fixed an issue where DKIM signature did not apply when a customized domain was added.

Radius Server

Updated to version 2.2.5-0095 in order to fix an issue where RADIUS Server could fail to enable after being disabled.

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