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Synology has updated several of there packages since mid-July.

Cloud Station

The most popular package to be updated was Cloud Station, which was updated to version 3.2-3482 which included 7 improvements and fixes.


  1. Optimized file system scanning performance.
  2. Enhanced upgrade compatibility for versions older than 3.2-3400.
  3. Enhanced file conflict logic with non-ASCII characters.

Fixed issues

  1. Fixed an issue where Cloud Station update might prevent booting.
  2. Fixed an issue where PC clients might fail to remove a folder immediately after certain events on the server.
  3. Fixed error message and log issues related to shared folder quota.
  4. Fixed an issue where folders with dummy nodes cannot be renamed.

DNS Server

The Synology DNS Server was updated to version 1.1-0077. Two fixes are included, one of which patches a security vulnerability.

  1. Fixed an issue where the Management Interface could not be displayed.
  2. Upgrade BIND to 9.9.7-P1 to address one security vulnerability (CVE-2015-4620).


Asterick, a communications server, was updated to version 13.1.0-0063. Two of the three fixes are scurity related.

  1. Fixed a security vulnerability to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  2. Fixed a security vulnerability to prevent remote code execution attacks.
  3. Minor bug fixes.


The eCommerce platform Magento was updated to version The only fixes were to address multiple security vulnerabilities (SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-6285)。

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