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Synology updated four DSM Packages this past week. Cloud Station and the Cloud Station Client were the most popular packages updated. PHP PEAR and phpMyAdmin also received updates although their changes weren’t documented.

I installed all these packages without any issues on my test NAS, a DS212+. The Cloud Station and Cloud Station clients were successfully installed on several production Synology NAS’s, including DS1815+, DS415+ and DS1511+ models. I did get prompted on some clients (via a notification in the toolbar icon) that I had to do an update to the client, it was not automatic.

Cloud Station

Cloud Station was updated to version 3.2–3487 primarily for compatibility with the new OS X El Capitan release, although compatibility with older Windows versions (to support context menus) was also included.

If you are running El Capitan the icon overlay status (little green synced or blue not synced indicators) and the Finder context menu are no longer available. Synology says this is due to changes in Finder, although I see Dropbox still provides an icon indicator along with the “Move to Dropbox” context menu. Hopefully these will return for Cloud Station.

Cloud Station Client

The Cloud Station Client was upgraded to version 3.2–3487 for compatibility with the latest Cloud Station.


PHP PEAR was updated to version 1.9.5–0016. The release notes were not updated to reflect any changes. Typically, updates are minor and for compatibility purposes or to include a more recent version of PHP PEAR. Check the release notes for any updates.

Considering the version only jumped from 1.9.5–0015 to 1.9.5–0016 this is most likely a very minor update.


phpMyAdmin was updated to version 4.4.7–0103. The release notes were not updated to reflect the changes. The version number would indicate it was updated to include phpMyAdmin 4.4.7 which is actually several versions old, having been released in May. In any event, updates are usually security related so if you use the phpMyAdmin package you should update it.

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