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Synology release the DMS 6.0 Beta on Tuesday. Synology has always had a pretty thorough beta program. This time around they’ve said it will run for about six months. There will be a couple of beta releases and a release candidate version before the final, official release.

With the SynoLocker ransomware of last year Synology has added QualysGuard scanning to look for vulnerabilities. Scanning does not equal invulnerable, the list of vulnerabilities found are listed here. The specific effect, plans to fix, or ways to mitigate the vulnerability are also listed.

As with any beta software, you shouldn’t install the beta software on production machines. But in a typical case of do as I say, not as I do I’ve already installed the software on my personal production machine. Synology Betas, while not problem free, are usually fairly reliable. Mainly, I want to get familiar with DSM 6 and the best way for me to do that is to use it every day.

Surveillance Station isn’t compatible with DSM 6 beta 1, so you’ll either have uninstall it or wait for beta 2. Third party packages may not be compatible either. In my case, for my personal NASs I only use Synology packages.

The upgrade was fairly straightforward. I upgraded two models, a DS1815+ and a DS415+. There aren’t really any in your face changes. Icons and colors are slightly different. Most control panel icons are the same although there are three new ones.

DSM 6 beta 1 Control Panel on a DS1815+ with new sections marked

DSM 6 beta 1 Control Panel on a DS1815+ with new sections marked

The biggest change is the the Backup and Restore application where many of the features are moved to the Control Panel. The Backup & Restore application is literally just for backup/restore of the local NAS. Folder sync and enabling the backup server are moved to Control Panel.

Media Indexing is now in the Indexing Service area of Control Panel along with the other new indexing features.

The upgrade was surprisingly quick, taking about 15 minutes for the upgrade itself . All packages also have to be updated after the DSM upgrade so this will add to the time. So far I haven’t encountered any compatibility issues but it is still very early days. I did check backups and they are still working, included to a DSM 5.2 destination.

The Cloud Station clients do have to be upgraded manually, by running the install on each client. They will not be able to connect until this is done. I didn’t encounter any problems, such as a complete resync when I did the upgrade, which is good.

I’ll be posting about the new features along with any problems that I find. By my lack of problems shouldn’t be a trigger for you to install the beta. Betas are meant to find bugs, so there will be some, possibly many. I have my reasons, plus a backup plan should the worst happen. But for now, I’m looking forward to beta 6.

A list off features in the current release, and those slated for beta 2 are listed here.

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