DSM 6 Beta Bug: DS Video on iOS Won’t Play Video

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I encountered my first bug with the DSM 6 beta. I was unable to play videos in DS Video on iOS. While the version of DS Video is new to coincide with the DSM 6 beta, I installed it before the DSM 6 beta and was able to play videos, including videos that now fail to play. I can also play videos when connecting to a DSM 5.2 NAS that I have still running. The problem is almost certainly with the DSM 6 beta.

The problem occurs both with iOS 9.0.2 (the latest version) and also the latest iOS 9.1 beta release. I did find a work-around that mostly works for me.

DS Video on Android and Roku both work fine. So from now on when I refer to DS Video I mean the iOS version of DS Video only.

When I tried to play the video on DS Video I would get the following error:

DS Video playback error popup


Because playing videos when enabling HTTPS during logon can sometimes be a problem I tried logging on with HTTPS turned off. In this case I got the following error:

DS Video Login error popup


So that wasn’t an option, especially since I don’t want HTTPS to be off.

I did find that turning off the Play Video Over HTTP setting allowed me to play videos. It’s been a long time since I did a clean install of DS Video but I believe having it on is the default. It was on in the past and always worked for me. I always play the video on my local network so there’s no need to route the video. While I didn’t test it, turning off Play Video Over HTTP may break playback in some network configurations.

Turning off Play Video Over HTTP is accomplished through the DS Video settings.

DS Video settings screen


Toggle the setting off:

Setting to toggle Play Video over HTTP on/off


Since doing this my video playback has been relatively problem free. Occasionally playback will just stop cold on my iPad. If I tap the pause button then the play button (when it appears) the playback continues. This hasn’t happened on my Roku box since the upgrade and I use it more than the iPad.

Synology makes it easy to file bug reports, putting a big Report Bugs link at the bottom of the main DSM 6 beta webpage so I did file a bug report for this problem.

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