Synology Releases DSM 5.2-5644

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Synology released an update to their DiskStation Manager (DSM) software. Version: 5.2-5644 includes the following:

What’s New
1. This update includes all bug fixes as well as security fixes in the previously released critical updates since DSM 5.2-5592.

Fixed Issues
1. Improved stability of FTP connections.
2. Improved stability when copying large files on DS216play.
3. Improved general stability of NTP service.
4. Supports Data Scrubbing for iSCSI LUN (Block-Level) in Storage Manager.
5. Improved the stability of encrypted backup in models with ARM processors.
6. Improved general stability of Btrfs file system.
7. Increased the connection limit for Log Receiving in Log Center.
8. Upgraded PHP to 5.5.30 to address multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-5589, CVE-2015-5590, CVE-2015-6834, CVE-2015-6835, CVE-2015-6836, CVE-2015-6837, CVE-2015-6838, and CVE-2015-3152).
9. Fixed an issue where a DSM critical patch could not be manually uploaded when the system was in a Hybrid HA cluster.
10. Minor bug fixes.

I successfully updated several DiskStations, including a DS212+, DS1511+ and a DS415+ without incident. I didn’t encounter and of the issues that are on the fix list, so I can’t vouch that they solved the problems. That said, I haven’t encountered any new problems.

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