DSM 6 Beta Update: Backup & Restore

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With DSM 6, Synology has begun to modularize some of the built in features by moving them from the core OS into packages. One benefit of this simplification is the ability to update specific functionality without needing a firmware update. Also, if you don’t use the functionality you can uninstall the package and not get a bothersome update.

The first DSM 6 beta update was released this week. Synology updated the Backup & Restore package to version 1.0-0045. The only fix was to resolve an issue where backups would not run automatically.

I did have this issue after my upgrade. The migrated scheduled backups did not occur although I could trigger them manually. At that time I resolved the problem by simply deleting and recreating the schedule.

Because I don’t have the problem currently, and testing the fix would require a migration, I can’t say whether or not this resolved the issue I had. In any case, my backups continued to run as scheduled after this update.

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