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While updating 20 packages sounds impressive and daunting, the reality is most packages were just updated to support the new DS216play hardware while a couple also got support for the new RT1900ac router.

There were a few with actual fixes or enhancements so I’ll start with those.

Download Station

Version 3.5-2968 was released. The only fix was to resolve an issue where Download Station might fail to install.

Git Server

Version 2.5.0-0035 was released to upgrade Git Server to version 2.5.0.


Version 3.4.5-0033 was released to upgrade Joomla 3.4.5 in order to address security vulnerabilities.

Open ERP 7.0

Version 7.0.0-0059 fixes the following issues:
1. Fixed an issue where customized modules could be lost after package upgrade.
2. Fixed an issue where the database could not be backed up.

Surveillance Station

This is the one package to get a massive update. The list of fixes and changes with the upgrade to version 7.1-4056 includes:

Compatibility and Installation
1. Surveillance Station 7.1 can only be installed on Synology products running DSM 5.0 – 5.2.
2. Surveillance Station 7.1 is now ONVIF Profile G compliant.
3. Device Pack 3.5-0859 is only compatible with Surveillance Station 7.1-4056 or later.
4. Surveillance Station 7.1 cannot be downgraded to Surveillance Station 7.0 once it’s installed.
5. Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, and Safari are the recommended browsers for Surveillance Station.

What’s New
1. Introduced Real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) in Surveillance Station with improved stability and compatibility in video streaming.
2. Introduced multicast communication using RTSP over HTTP to provide better bandwidth efficiency under multi-client access.
3. Added various detection types in live view alert and enhanced the alert effect.
4. Added ONVIF Profile G to support edge recording.
5. Enhanced CMS performance and stability using better communication architecture between CMS host and recording severs.
6. Enhanced video feeds performance and stability in iOS DS cam.
7. Added live view from camera support in iOS DS cam.
8. Enhanced camera search feature to discover all ONVIF Profile S compliant devices within the same local network.
9. Added H.264 & MPEG4 video formats for user-defined cameras.
10. Enhanced the alert notification by providing options to choose the user-preferred notification types to be displayed under web interface.
11. Single recording file has extended its length up to 4 hours with size up to 64GB.
12. Each camera can be set to different recording storage folder. Users can category the storage on demands, and it also make storage expansion easier.
13. Enhanced the action rules by allowing VisualStation and Surveillance Station to be designated as different action devices, and support multi actions triggered by single action.
14. Integrated DSM Notification into Surveilance Station to get unified notification management interface
15. Enhanced Live View Alert by providing alert info preserving time/storage space settings. User can custmoize the settings according to their available storage space and significance.
16. Add new camera settings by providng keep-alive, liveview source of mobile, and AXIS Zipstream settings.
17. Redesign camera batch edit to make editing easier. When editing, users can decide what items to apply to on demand.
18. The home position in PTZ cameras can now be customized.
19. Added the sorting feature in User / IP camera pages for better navigation.
20. Video recording can now be archived without audio track for certain local regulations.
21. Enhanced notification relay mechanism for AXIS door controller and VisualStation.
22. Improved the system performance by optimizing system resources to get better user experience.
23. Add more “Customize” options for users to customize their recording schedule.
24. Added generic camera APIs support from Axis & Bosch to enhance future compatibility.
25. Added support for more than 400 new camera models including: Arecont Vision, Vivotek, Hikvision, TrendNet and others. More than 3,700 camera models in total are now supported. Please refer to the Surveillance Station IP Camera Support List for more information.
26. Online activation is now required for adding camera licenses to indemnify user’s rights and interests.

Radius Server

Both of these packages were updated to support the DS216play and the RT1900ac. The DS216play is a new NAS while the RT1900ac is Synology’s entry into the Router market.

Anti-Virus Essential

CardDAV Services

Hi Drive Backup

iTunes Server

Logitech Media Server

Mail Server

Maria DB

Media Server


Proxy Server

Python 3


SSO Server


All of these were updated with support for the DS216play and nothing else.

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