Synology Updated 3 Packages This Week

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Synology updated three DSM 5.2 packages this week. Video Station, VPN Server and Surveillance Station.

Video Station

Synology released version 1.6–0840 of Video Station with three fixes listed, although the third is a catch-all that could mean anything.

  1. Fixed an issue where the poster of a newly added video may not show properly.
  2. Fixed an issue where editing the video’s poster may fail.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

VPN Server

Synology released version 1.2–2456 of the VPN Server package to fix an issue where VPN Server failed to sync with the certificate update in DSM.

Surveillance Station

Surveillance Station was updated about a week after the major release of version 7.1. The only fix in version 7.1–4058 was to resolve an issue where the camera license verification may fail.

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