DSM 5.2-5644 Update 1 Released

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Synology has released Update 1 for DSM 5.2–5644. The update includes several security related changes although one affects stability more than security.

If you use a blank administrator password (bad you!) you’ll be forced to assign a password. If your password for the default password account is less than six characters you’ll need to make it at least six characters.

My admin accounts all had long passwords so I can’t say what the exact process will be if you don’t have a password or have a short password. I didn’t have any problems or changes where the password was set and long enough.

Fixed Issues:

  1. To enhance the security level, Synology’s default administrator account “admin” with the blank password will no longer be allowed and will be disabled after this update. It is also highly recommended that you increase the password strength of all accounts belonging to the administrators group.
  2. Enforced a minimal password length of six characters for the default admin account.
  3. Improved general stability when numerous application privilege rules are applied to individual users/groups.
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