Synology Updates 3 Packages This Week

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Synology updated two core packages this past week. Well, technically 3 packages if you consider that CloudStation has both a server and a client package update. The popular Photo Station was the other package updated this past week.

Photo Station

Version 6.3–2960 of Photo Station was released with some minor fixes.

  1. Fixed an issue where navigating up/down the screen via the Mac touchpad may cause unstable windows.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Cloud Station

Cloud Station was updated to version 3.2–3497 which has two minor fixes.

  1. Added context menu and file status overlay icon for Mac OS X 10.11.
  2. Fixed an issue where non-system drives on Windows PC cannot be selected as the root directory for synchronization.

Cloud Station Client

Synology has begun referring to the Cloud Station Client package as Cloud Station Sharesync in some documentation although it is still referred to as Cloud Station Client in the DSM Package Manager.

The only documented change was for it to be compatible with Cloud Station 3.2–3497.

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