DSM Email Notification Using GMail

A couple of years ago, on another website, I wrote an article about how to set up Disk Station Manager email notifications using either Google Apps for Domains or Gmail. This was a popular post so it was obvious a lot of people want to do it. At that time it required digging into the settings. Since then Synology has made the process extremely simple and Gmail is only one of the email services with integrated support.

The set is the same for both a personal Gmail account and for Google Apps for Work. Google Apps for Work is the latest name of Google Apps for Domains and is commonly referred to as just Google Apps.

You can send the notification emails to one or two addresses but two is the limit. If you need to send to more than two addresses, and lists aren’t an option, you can also send to two more addresses using Synology’s email notification service. The sending email address can also be the receiving email address, so you only need one email account.

Setting up Gmail notifications is straightforward. Select Notification in Control Panel then the Email table. Check the box to enable email notifications and fill in your login information. Click the Log in to Gmail button and follow the prompts. Logging into Gmail also saves the settings so Apply doesn’t need to be clicked. The steps are:

EMail notification settings in DSM control panel


What happens when you click on the Log in to Gmail button depends on whether or not you are already logged into Google. DSM doesn’t need your ID and password, instead it will use the api and get authorization. You can remove this authorization at anytime from within your Google account.

In my case I was already logged in to my Gmail account so I was just prompted to authorize the access.

Gmail authorization prompt


Then I was warned:

Synology warning prompt


This just let me know that the domain name I am using to access the Synology NAS could be impacted.

That’s everything, finish up by sending a test email and make sure everything is working.

You may want to visit the Advanced tab in the DSM Notification configuration and select the notification you may or may not want.

If you want to revoke access to your Google account you can visit accounts.google.com and select Connected apps & sites

Google verification selection prompt
Verification selection on the Google accounts page


You can see what has access to your Google account and revoke access if necessary.

Google account access view
DSM authorization in Gmail

That’s all. Now you have an easy to manage method to receive email notifications.

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