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Synology released beta 2 for their upcoming DMS 6 release. I’ve installed it on two different Synology NASs with minimal problems. Both of which were upgraded from DSM 6 Beta 1. One is my production NAS so I may encounter problems as the days progress, after all, it’s only been installed a day. (I say production even though running beta software in production is really, really bad. But I want to get familiar with the software and want to use it daily. So it’s extra backups and workflow changes to protect myself from inevitable beta problems.)

I’ve updated both a Synology DS415+ and a Synology DS1815+ NAS. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the update requires a reboot. I updated the DS415+ through the automatic update process while the DS1815+ upgrade was triggered manually. All the installed packages also needed to be updated.

My most time consuming problem ended up being easily worked around and may be unique to me. In short, Safari (Version 9.0.2) doesn’t seem to like Beta 2. It locks up after a few clicks. This occurred on both my upgraded NASs while at the same time NASs running DSM 5.2 continue run just fine in Safari. Both NAS’s also worked fine with DSM 6 beta 1 in Safari prior to the upgrade. A cardinal rule of troubleshooting is to look at what changed last, and in this case it was the upgrade. So, it took me a little while to move to another browser for testing especially since Safari would work for for a little bit before having a problem. Restarting Safari temporarily resolved the problem but clearing the cache and cookies doesn’t. Some things continue to work in Safari but rather than figuring them out I switched to Chrome until I can dig into the problem. Firefox seems fine too, although I haven’t used it very much. Both of the Macs I tried had the same type of problems with Safari.

Some things to be aware of before the upgrade:

  • Aliases in the application portal will be removed and will have to be recreated.
  • Every package I installed needed an update. I suspect Synology has the beta packages coded to only work with the specific beta version.

I did not encounter these issues, but be aware of the following (from the beta 2 release notes):

  • SpreadSheet will not be available on the following models due to the restriction of Node.js version (Please back up your SpreadSheet files by exporting them into xlsx format before updating to DSM 6.0 Beta 2):
    1. 13-series: DS213, DS213air, DS413j, DS213+, DS413
    2. 12-series: DS112, DS112+, DS112j,  DS212, DS212+, DS212j, RS212, RS812
    3. 11-series: DS111, DS211, DS211+, DS211j, DS411, DS411j, DS411slim, RS411
  • The DDNS of will be removed in DSM 6.0 official release due to unclarified domain usage violation.
  • Due to the discontinued support by the open source team, the Asterisk package will no longer be supported after DSM 6.0
  • Load Balancer is discontinued in DSM 6.0 Beta 2

All the iOS and Android apps were also updated, at least the ones that I use. I don’t use Windows Phone or Windows 10 but apps for those OSs were also updated.

There’s a whole laundry list of updates in the release notes and now that the dust has settled a little with beta 2 (compared to beta 1) I’ll begin digging into the new features, such as Spreadsheets and Spotlight indexing.

The new Hyper Backup (replacing Backup & Restore and Backup & Replication) now supports backing up the DNS Servers, Storage Analyzer and VPN server applications among the packages I use. Photo Station and Note Station were already included in the backup. Unfortunately it doesn’t support Audio Station or Video Station which means the metadata databases for these packages could be lost.

Hyper Backup migrated my schedule tasks from Backup & Restore and they ran fine at the scheduled time. Photo Station, Video Station all seem to be fine, although that’s based on limited use. I’m getting DNS so the Synology DNS server package was migrated and is working fine. My Windows Cloud Station Drive client updated automatically after I upgraded the server package on the NAS, but the Mac clients all required a manual download and install. Finally, the VPN server accepted connections after the upgrade without needing any additional tweaking.

Overall it was a smooth upgrade. The Synology User Forums has a few problems mentioned, most seem relatively minor and all appear isolated to single users.

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