Three Synology Package Updates This Week

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Synology updated three of it’s popular packages this past week. Audio Station, Download Station and Video Station all got relatively minor updates.

Audio Station does contain a security update but it is relatively benign unless your Synology is readily accessible from the web. It’s always good to plug security vulnerabilities, even benign ones, before someone figures out how to further exploit them. But unless you’re using a new Apple TV or have been bitten by one of the patched bugs in Download Station there’s no rush to install these updates.

I did installed all three on a DS212+ without any issues. I installed and used Audio Station on a DS212+ and a DS214play without any problems.

Audio Station

Audio Station was updated to version 5.4–2860 which included a security update along with some minor big fixes.

  1. Fixed two security vulnerabilities of ffmpeg modules (CVE–2016–1897 and CVE–2016–1898).
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Download Station

Download Station was updated to version 3.5–2970 which includes a few minor fixes.

  1. Fixed an issue where uploading a torrent file to Xunlei Lixian might fail.
  2. Fixed an issue where users could not add file hosting sites in Download Station for SRM.
  3. Fixed an issue where downloading via links might fail.
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Video Station

Video Station received a couple fixes and is mainly if interest to people using a new Apple TV. Version 1.6–0851 includes the following updates…

  1. Fixed an issue where the seek and prev/next functions may not work properly when streaming videos to Apple TV 4th.
  2. Fixed an issue where users without administrator permission may be able to delete videos via SynTV on Apple TV 4th.
  3. Minor bug fixes.
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