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Surveillance Station was the only Synology Package to receive an update this past week.

Version 7.1–4141 contains the following 13 fixes and updates:

  1. Enhanced Timeline and Live View playback performance.
  2. Enhanced camera connection stability to reduce the possibility of showing repeatedly disconnect and reconnect message.
  3. Enhanced the performance when multiple action rules are triggered at the same time in large scale project.
  4. Enhanced the compatibility of high-availability cluster composed of different NAS models.
  5. Enhanced the startup speed of add-ons when the Internet connection is not available.
  6. Added the mechanism to avoid the default motion detection configuration on the camera may be overwritten when adding cameras.
  7. Added the support to merge recording file deleting messages of multiple cameras when reach the space or time limitation to reduce the message of large scale project.
  8. Added support for SMS password length up to 128 characters.
  9. Fixed an issue where the DS cam could not play back audio streaming in Live View on certain NAS models.
  10. Fixed an issue where user may not be able to download multiple snapshots at the same time.
  11. Fixed an issue where the share quota of Btrfs file system may not function properly.
  12. Fixed an issue where DS cam may not be able to playback recordings with low FPS.
  13. Fixed an issue where the NAS may not be able to enter hibernation mode when no device is installed on the Surveillance Station.


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