Synology Package Updates for the Past Week

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A relatively slow week for package updates. If you’re running the recently released Disk Station Manager 6 there were two packages updated and if you’re still on DSM 5 there was only one.

Git Server (DSM 5 and DSM 6)

The Git Server package was updated to version 2.8.0-0038 for DSM 5 and version 2.8.0-0111 for DSM 6. Both contain the same change to resolve two security issues.

  1. Upgraded version to 2.8.0 to fix two security vulnerabilities (CVE-2016-2315, CVE-2016-2324)

Video Station (DSM 6)

Audio Station, on Disk Station Manager was updated to version 5.5-2982 with the following changes:

  1. Fixed an issue where DLNA players might not connect.
  2. Fixed an issue where internet radio might not be streamed directly to USB DAC or Bluetooth player.
  3. Fixed an issue where editing music tags stored on USB might fail.
  4. Fixed an issue where music shown in folder view might not display properly.
  5. Fixed an issue where Synology Remote might play music from only one channel.
  6. Minor bug fixes.
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