Synology Releases DiskStation Manager 6 – Update 2

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Last week I mentioned that DiskStation Manager 6 (DSM 6) Update 1 was released but appeared to have been pulled back. Although there was no official word from Synology, this week they released DSM 6 Update 2 with one documented fix:

Fixed an issue where DSM 6.0-7321 Update 1 could not be normally installed with Auto-Update.

This update will be installed even if the previous DSM 6 Update 1 was installed. This doesn’t require a reboot but expect any packages or services to be briefly interrupted. I’ve had varied results when applying this update. On a couple Synology NASs only file share are briefly interrupted and they recover before any error is seen at clients. On most cases the interruption, while brief, was noticeable on the clients and affected both file shares and some packages (such as Download Station, Hyper Backup and Cloud Sync) long enough to be noticed. For example, in progress backup tasks were stopped.

So while it doesn’t reboot, the update should be installed during a regular maintenance window or when everyone is expecting it.

It also includes all the previously reported fixes in DSM 6 Update 1.

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