DiskStation Manager 5 Packages Updated for the Week

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During the past week Synology updated six packages that run on DiskStation Manager 5.

The AntiVirus Essential update sounds like it fixed a nasty bug so you should update as soon as possible if you use this package. Mail Station contains some security fixes along with changes needed before a DSM 6 upgrade.

MariaDB, which is the backend database for several other packages (such as WordPress), is updated to fix multiple security vulnerabilities and should also be patched as soon as possible.

AntiVirus Essential

AntiVirus Essential was updated to version 1.3-2714 with the following changes:

  1. Upgraded ClamAV and McAfee scanning engine.
  2. Fixed an issue where operations might fail when deleting or restoring a large amount of files from the quarantine.
  3. Fixed an issue where DSM system files might be deleted due to false alarm.

Glacier Backup

Glacier Backup was updated to version 1.1-0199 with the following fixes and enhancements.

  1. Fixed an issue where restoring an encrypted file whose file name is over 256 characters after encryption will fail.
  2. Fixed an issue where a 1-byte file with “0” as its content cannot be uploaded.
  3. Enhanced database performance.

Mail Station

Mail Station has been updated to version 20160330-0226 which fixed a security vulnerability (CVE-2015-8770).


MariaDB has been updated to version: 5.5.47-0037 which plugs multiple security vulnerabilities.

  1. Upgraded to version 5.5.47 to address multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-4802, CVE-2015-4807, CVE-2015-4815, CVE-2015-4826, CVE-2015-4830, CVE-2015-4836, CVE-2015-4858, CVE-2015-4861, CVE-2015-4870, CVE-2015-4913, and CVE-2015-4792).
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Note Station

Note Station has been updated to version 1.1-0215 with the following changes:

  1. Fixed an issue where .nsx files exported from iOS DS note could not be imported to Note Station.
  2. Fixed an issue where images clipped from websites by Synology Web Clipper might not be displayed.
  3. Enhanced search accuracy when using multiple keywords.
  4. Minor bug fixes.


Piwik was updated to version 2.15.0-0021 in order to bring it up to version 2.15 of the Piwik software.

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