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It was a slow, but not completely silent, week if you run DiskStation Manager 6 on a Synology NAS. A DSM firmware update went out to many models and there were two packages updated.

DSM 6 Update 7 (version: 6.0-7321-7)

A firmware update went out to some DSM models that contains just one fix. DiskStation Manager 6 Update 7 brought DSM 6 to version 6.0-7321-7 and added one minor fix. Well, minor unless your one of the people affected. The update “improved the stability of license import for MailPlus Server and Docker DSM under poor network environment.”

I haven’t seen this update on models that don’t support MailPlus Server and Docker (such as the DS212+). I’ve successfully applied the update to DS1815+, DS716+, DS1511+ and DS415+ models. This update is available if the model supports Docker or MailPlus Server, they do not have to actually be installed.

The update is quick and no reboot is required. File services continue to run and I did not need to remount any encrypted drives.

MailPlus Server

MailPlus Server was updated to version 1.0-0186 which contained the following fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue where MailPlus Server might fail to be authorized when Internet connection is unstable.
  2. Enhanced system stability.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Video Station

Video Station was updated to version 2.0-1134 with the following fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue where abnormal characters might appear during the scanning of digital TV channels in Hong Kong.
  2. Fixed an issue where the scanning of DTV channels in France might fail.
  3. Fixed an issue where there might be no channel names and descriptions after the EPG refresh.
  4. Minor bug fixes.
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