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After a flurry of activity last week there were only three Synology package updates this week, all for DiskStation Manager 6. Note Station, Photo Station and Spreadsheet all received updates.

Note Station added a feature I’ve been missing since I moved to it from Evernote. I use Photo Station a lot but have not been hit by any of the bugs that were fixed. Spreadsheet is the application I really want to like and use but so far it’s been too quirky and frustrating. The 11 enhancements and fixes may help and I’ll give it another try, but I expect it to still need more work and fall short of being something I’d recommend to clients.

None of the updates include any security fixes, at least not any that were documented, so there’s no rush to get these updates installed unless one of the fixes/changes meets your specific need.

I installed all three packages on a DS415+ for test purposes without encountering any problems. Note Station and Photo Station also installed fine on production DS815+ and DS716+ machines. I’ve yet to delve into the changes but I didn’t encounter any issues with my normal daily use of those packages. Spreadsheet did install on the DS815+ without any issues but I’ve yet to use it beyond a cursory test.

Note Station

Note Station was updated to version 2.1.0-0528 which includes the following changes:

  1. Added support for nested tags for note management.
  2. Added support for exporting notes as .docx files.
  3. Added the “Intersect selected” option for advanced search by tag.
  4. Fixed an issue where image alignment settings might not be saved.
  5. Fixed an issue where attached audio files in notes might not be properly played.
  6. Minor bug fixes.

The first one, nested tags, is the feature I’ve missed the most since leaving Evernote. The mobile app for Note Station was also updated on iOS and Android in order to support this feature.

Photo Station

Photo Station was updated to version 6.5.1-3223 with the following changes:

  1. Fixed an issue where only admin accounts can be used to log into Photo Station upon initial installation of DSM.
  2. Fixed an issue where photos in RAW format cannot be displayed properly after their tags are edited.
  3. Minor bug fixes.


Spreadsheet was updated to version 1.1.2-0331 with the following changes:

  1. Enhanced overall performance of SpreadSheet.
  2. Enhanced the accuracy of formulas.
  3. Date and Time formulas can now automatically detect Daylight Saving Time.
  4. You can copy data validation rules from one cell to another.
  5. You can paste only the format of a cell by pressing Ctrl + Shift + V.
  6. You can press Esc on the keyboard to clear the dashed border of a range selected to be copied.
  7. Fixed an issue where importing a spreadsheet might fail.
  8. Fixed an issue where filter might not work properly.
  9. Fixed an issue where the cut area in one sheet might not disappear after being pasted to another sheet.
  10. Fixed an issue where the sheet tab scrolling buttons might disappear after too many sheets were added.
  11. Minor bug fixes.
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