This Week’s Synology Package Updates (July 8, 2016)

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It was a relatively slow week when it came to DiskStation Manager package updates this past week. While there were a handful of packages updated they were all related to Hyper Backup or Cloud Station.

DiskStation Manager 6 Packages Updated

Hyper Backup

Hyper Backup was updated to version 1.1.0-0209 which includes several nice new features. Dropbox and Google Drive have been added as backup destinations along with over a dozen other enhancements, improvements and bug fixes.

What’s New

  1. Supports checking backup index files to know if any is tampered in previous backup/restoration
  2. Supports checking backup integrity to know if any error occurs due to corrupted destination data
  3. Offers backup statistics to monitor the source size and destination usage
  4. Added alert notification to inform users of abnormal changes on source files or insufficient destination storage (available for DSM 6.0.1 or later)
  5. Added support for backup to WebDAV servers
  6. Added support for backup to Dropbox (including Dropbox Pro and Dropbox Business)
  7. Added support for backup to Google Drive
  8. Added support for backup to the Washington region of IBM Softlayer
  9. Preserves Mac file attributes when performing local copy to HFS+ external storage devices.


  1. Enhanced transfer speed and network fault tolerance for backup to public clouds
  2. Enhanced restoration speed of Backup Explorer
  3. Enhanced restoration and relinking speed for the Btrfs file system.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed the compatibility issue where backup to an encrypted shared folder might fail on certain models
  2. Fixed an issue where backup/restoration processes might consume system memory
  3. Fixed an issue where non-admin users might fail to back up data to NTFS USB drives
  4. Fixed an issue where Backup Explorer might fail to display more than 1000 files in an encrypted task
  5. Fixed an issue where NAS devices unbound from a high-availability cluster might run duplicate backup tasks.

Hyper Backup Vault

Hyper Backup Vault was updated to version 1.1.0-0134 which fixed compatibility issues with Hyper Backup.

Cloud Station Server

Cloud Station Server was update to version 4.1.0-4224 which contained two changes:

  1. Enhanced the performance of Cloud Station Server database upgrade.
  2. Fixed an issue where locked files might cause client apps to crash.

Connected clients, including Cloud Station Backup clients, were automatically updated to the version 4.1-4224 client.

Synology seems to have confused there own versioning syntax. The Cloud Station Server release notes contain identical entries for Version 4.1.0-4224 and 4.1-4224. The server reflects the former while the client reflects the later.

Cloud Station ShareSync

Cloud Station ShareSync, which is the Cloud Station Client package that runs on a Synology NAS was updated to version 4.1.0-4224 which fixed an issue where locked files might cause client apps to crash.

DiskStation Manager 5 Package Updates

Cloud Station Client

Cloud Station Client, was updated to version 4.1.-4223 which fixed an issue where locked files might cause client apps to crash.

Functionally the Cloud Station ShareSync (on DSM 6) and Cloud Station Client (on DSM 5) packages are the same. Synology just hasn’t aligned them with the newer ShareSync moniker.

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