Synology Releases DiskStation DS418j

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New product posting tileSynology has released a new NAS, the DS418j. The J series comprise Synology’s entry level NAS models in which this is the flagship model. The DS418j contains four drive bays and can accommodate up to 40 TB with todays largest capacity drives. The DS418J does not support the new BTRFS file system.

Two camera licenses are included for Surveillance Station and 5 VPN connections are supported by the VPN Server package.

The DS418j is currently available in the U.S. from from 3rd party sellers that are currently charging a premium. Amazon itself has it listed for a significantly lower price ($299) than the 3rd party sellers but it is out of stock. It can be backordered to get the $299 price. NewEgg has it in stock for $299 with free shipping.

The DS416J is still available and at a reduced price (at least it should be reduced. This link will compare the models (it may break when the DS416j is officially discontinued).

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