Synology Routers Patched for KRACK

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Security related words graphicSynology has released security updates for their routers which address the recently publicized vulnerabilities named KRACK. The firmware (SRM – Synology Router Manager) is version 1.1.5–6542–3. The SRM control panel lists it as “SRM 1.1.5–6542 Update 3”. I applied the update to my Synology RT2600ac router without an issue. The router does reboot so you’ll lose all wireless and internet connections during the reboot.

Fixes include:
* Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding WPA/WPA2 protocols for wireless connections (CVE–2017–13077, CVE–2017–13078, CVE–2017–13079, CVE–2017–13080, CVE–2017–13081, CVE–2017–13082, CVE–2017–13084, CVE–2017–13086, CVE–2017–13087, CVE–2017–13088). (These are the KRACK vulnerabilities)
* Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Broadcom Wi-Fi chip (CVE–2017–11120, CVE–2017–11121).
* Fixed an issue where the channel 140 could not be selected in 20MHz on RT1900ac.
* Fixed an issue where the password might not be masked properly upon login failure.

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