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Update key on a keyboardSynology released two updates to DiskStation Manager last week, but quickly pulled the first one back.

First Synology released version 6.1.4-15217 Update 3. I woke Wednesday morning to the notification that there was a new version of DSM to install. It had vanished by the time I sat down to check it out. The release notes listed it, but it was nowhere to be found. A quick check of the forums showed a couple of people complaining about LUN issues after the update. Synology never comments about pulling back updates, so there’s no official word, but Synology pulled it back for some reason.

By Friday Synology had re-released update 3 and also released an Update 4. As of today, update 4 is not being offered to me on either of my own NAS’s.

The release notes only add to the confusion. According to the release notes update 3 was released Friday (12/15) while update 4 was released the day before. Synology may have tweaked update 3 after they pulled it back. The file dates on the Synology download directory are all 12/13 with update 4 having a slightly earlier timestamp. The logs on my NAS confirm that an update was available to me when I woke the morning of 12/13.

I usually try to get updates installed as soon as practical but the problems with this one (Synology did pull it back, so it’s more than the usual background noise of complainers) and the time of year make me recommend careful consideration before updating. Unless the update fixes a specific problem you’re experiencing I’d suggest holding off until a less stressful time for you. If you do have LUNs configured, I’d recommend waiting until you have plenty of time to troubleshoot and handle the worst case scenario, a full re-install and restore. Things will be sorted out over the next week. If the week before Christmas and New Year’s Day is slow, it would be an excellent time to do the upgrade. While you should always have known good backups, it would be a good time to verify the quality of those backups.

There are a few security patches in this update (in OpenSSL) although there doesn’t seem to be any active exploits against them (although it’s only a matter of time).

And finally, before I list the fixes, I successfully installed Update 3 on a DS1815+ and a DS1511+ without any issues. Neither one has LUNs configured. Also, neither one has been offered Update 4 as an available update. Assuming Update 3 was re-released, I would have installed the newest release and not the original release.

While not confirmed by Synology, it appears they recompiled (aka repacked) the original update 3 to fix the issue and pushed it out. Update 4 was released to fix the problem on any NAS that installed the initial, buggy update 3 and is not needed for the repacked update 3.

DSM Version 6.1.4-15217-3 (aka Update 3) contains the following fixes and will reboot the NAS when installed.

Fixed Issues

  1. This update is a repack to fix the iSCSI issues.
  2. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities pertaining to OpenSSL (CVE-2017-3735, CVE-2017-3736, CVE-2017-3737, CVE-2017-3738).
  3. Enhanced the stability of the Apollo Lake platform BIOS.
  4. Fixed an issue with abnormal transfer rates for LUNs when backing up to an external storage device.
  5. Fixed an issue where DSM may shutdown incorrectly when iSCSI Block LUN services are overloaded.
  6. Improved the error handling mechanism for the SSD cache when volumes crash.
  7. Enhanced the stability of the upgrade process for SHA clusters.
  8. Enhanced volume expansion process stability after an improper shutdown.
  9. Enhanced system efficiency for calculating large numbers of user and group privilege settings.
  10. Fixed an issue where Microsoft Office documents may fail to save when Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is installed.

DSM Version 6.1.4-15217-4 (aka Update 4) contains the following fixes and will reboot the NAS when installed.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where Block LUNs cannot be enabled after upgrading to DSM 6.1.4-15217-3.
  2. Fixed an issue where Advanced LUNs larger than 2TB cannot be mapped to Targets after upgrading to DSM 6.1.4-15217-3.
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