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Synology released two router updates recently. The first was back on December 19th which was re-packed and re-released on December 26th to fix a bug introduced in the update. The second was released December 26th and included a few updates in addition to fixing the bug they introduced on December 19th.

The December 19th update, SRM Version 1.1.6-6931 broke the LAN 1 port on the RT2600ac router. All I lost was time since it is the only port I use (to connect to a switch) and I could just move to another one. I can also report that the December 26th update does fix the problem and I’m now back on LAN 1. While I would not have expected a firmware update to break just one LAN port checking ports is early in the troubleshooting process and easy to do. In retrospect, it’s less surprising since the port can do double duty as a second WAN port.

SRM version 1.1.6-6931

Released December 19th (re-packed December 26th) and contains the following changes and fixes.

Just under two weeks ago Synology released a DSM update that had to be pulled back to be fixed, and they needed a follow-up update to fix what it broke. Now an SRM update breaks a LAN port. While relatively minor, it required troubleshooting and the back-to-back problems are a concern.

What’s New

  1. GMP snooping for Wi-Fi interface is now enabled by default.
  2. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi can now be implemented with a channel bandwidth of 40 MHz.
  3. Updated GeoIP and URL Blocker databases.
  4. Improved CPS (connection per second) with CTF enabled on an RT1900ac.
  5. Added support for IPv6 6rd.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where the settings of Internet Allowed Time in Parental Control could not be restored.
  2. Fixed an issue where SSL VPN might return a 403 forbidden page when the Prevention mode is enabled in IPS.
  3. Fixed an issue where SRM might fail to access the Internet when the the VPN service provider’s ID contains a colon (:).
  4. Fixed an issue where a client device might fail to connect to Wi-Fi with the WPS PIN code.
  5. Fixed an issue where an error message might display when the SSID contains non-alphanumerics and is longer than 32 characters.
  6. Fixed an issue where traffic reports might fail to be generated when an external storage is removed.
  7. Fixed an issue where a user could not select the proper channel for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi after a change in country/region.
  8. Fixed an issue where NAT-related rules might to be in effect for the secondary WAN interface upon its lack of gateway information.
  9. Fxed an issue regarding user’s interface operation on Safari 11.
  10. Fixed an issue where the access to Internet using PPPoE might fail after Synology Router restarts.
  11. Fixed an issue where SRM might not work properly when a client device is connected through 802.11b/g.
  12. Fixed an issue of wrong time zone for Turkey.
  13. Fixed an issue where Synology Router might restart unexpectedly.
  14. Fixed an issue where SRM might not work properly with a certain LTE dongle.
  15. Fixed an issue where Traffic Control might not work properly when Layer 7 monitor is enabled and a packet length is more than 16,834 bits.

Security Updates

  1. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding Linux kernel (CVE-2017-16939).
  2. Fixed a security vulnerability (Synology-SA-17:79).

SRM Version 1.1.6-6931-1

Released December 26th and contains the following fixes.

  1. Fixed an issue where SRM web-based interface might not be accessible via QuickConnect.
  2. Fixed an issue where SRM might fail to access the Internet after Synology Router is reset to default.
  3. Fixed an issue where LAN 1 might not work properly on RT2600ac
  4. Fixed an issue where SRM might not work properly when a PPTP connection is established via WAN port.
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