Synology Photo Station: Therapeutic Service Restarts


I’m a long time user of Synology Photo Station and have had an intermittent problem over the last few months. I frequently use the web interface or iPad app to move photos from one folder to another. This would work fine until it didn’t. I’d select multiple files to move. Unfortunately, only one file would move. This would continue until I stopped & restarted Photo Station. This wasn’t annoying enough to cause me to research the problem, and I still haven’t. But it’s been frequent enough that I decided to restart the service on a regular basis as a way to prevent this from happening.. While it could be weeks or more between occurrences, I decided to cycle Photo Station daily. I’d be doing it overnight, so there isn’t any reason not to do it.

Synology has been steadily expanding the abilities of Task Manager, and it now includes the ability to stop and start services (which includes packages).

This is simple enough to set up. Open Control panel and then open Task Scheduler. (You may need to enable Advanced Mode in Control Panel.)

Screenshot showing Task Scheduler icon in control panel

Then Click the create button and select Scheduled Task -> Service from the drop-down menus.

Screenshot showing the menus to schedule a service

This will open the Edit Task dialog for creating a new task. On the General tab enter the task name in the Task field. This will be the task that stops photo station.

Screenshot of the task scheduler general tab showing "Photo Station Stop" as the task name

Then click on Schedule to open the schedule tab. I’ll be stopping the service at 4 am every morning, so I enter that information here.

Screenshot show the Schedule tab

Then click the Task Settings to open the task settings tab. This is the Stop action, so I select Stop service as the Service action. It’s possible to select multiple services to stop, but all I need is Photo Station, so I check the box to enable it.

The Task Action tab of the task scheduler showing the Photo Station service selected

Then I click OK to save the task.

I repeat the process, changing only the task name, service action, and time.  I schedule Photo Station to start at 4:05 am.

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