Synology C2 Backup: Changing The Subscription Plan


If you jumped on Synology C2 Backup soon after it became available worldwide it’s time to decide if you want to renew it, and if so, what plan to use. If your free-trial hasn’t expired yet, and you want to make a change to your Synology C2 Backup plan, then read on.

While unrelated to the actual change, it’s worth mentioning that all billing is in Euros. If you’re outside the EU, like me, then your payment method will determine the conversion rate along with any fees. Today, Google says 1 Euro will cost 1.22 USD.

I covered the various Synology C2 Backup subscription plans in my overview of the C2 backup service. To change your subscription plan, log in to your account at and go to the Backup -> Manage Subscription section.

Screenshot showing the Synology C2 Subscription management page

If you want to cancel your subscription, click Cancel under Next Plan. You can continue to use Synology C2 Backup until your current subscription runs out.

To switch to a new plan upon renewal, click Select a plan under Current Plan.

After agreeing to the terms of service you can upgrade or downgrade. There are no refunds, so if you downgrade you will have the old plan until it expires, and then renew for the lower-level plan.

Screenshot of the Synology C2 Backup subscription selection page

An upgrade is immediate. You won’t be charged until the trial ends if you are still in the trial period. If you are beyond the trial period and upgrading, you will immediately pay the difference between the old and the new plan. Click Next when you’ve made your choice.

You will then confirm your selection.

Screenshot showing the subscription confirmation screen

The My Subscription screen is updated to reflect the new information.

Screenshot showing the subscription management screen after the changes

I upgraded from a Tier I plan to a Tier II plan. The backup rotation and version control settings are fixed in Tier I plans. The version and rotation settings can be customized in Tier II plans. The screenshots below show the default settings in Hyper Backup immediately after I made the change.

Screenshot showing the backup rotation settings after switching to Tier II

Screenshot showing the backup version settings after switching to Tier II


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